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Pets with their hand drawn portraits, including a boston terrier with pet portrait stickers, chihuahua with a pet portrait sweatshirt, a brown cavapoo with their pet portrait print,

Capture Your Pet's Personality in a Portrait

All things pet portraits

choose your product, and send your photos for your pet's very own piece of art!

A picture of Skittlesketch (Molly Denholm) with her black cat

Welcome to 

Hello, I'm Molly! 

thank you for coming to look at my shop! 

SKittlesketch is a little corner of the internet I created where all types of pets are cherished and deserve to be made into their own piece of art!

I hope you find something to keep as a special reminder of how incredible and unique your pet is.


 I can't wait to draw them!

Lots of Love, Molly 

an image of a dog with their own hand drawn pet portrait print, keychain, fridge magnet, and stickers on a pink background

Save with Bundles!

Get multiple items with your pet's gorgeous face on, for less, which means more money saved for pet treats!

Pets love our Portraits!

a ginger cat sat next to their framed pet portrait print

(their human's do too!)

a hedgehog portrait stickers
a dog and a cat together on a pet portrait print
a bird with three pet portrait stickers
a cat with their pet portrait keyring
three sausage dogs sitting behind their pet portrait print of the multiple dogs on the print together

Already bought a portrait from us?

get up to 90% off!

Get your pet portrait that I have already drawn, and get it on other products, including new releases! 

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