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Hello everyone, I'm Molly!

Skittlesketch began as a small dream that I started back whilst I was in university. Skittlesketch was a way to help me find out what I wanted to draw and to discover what I loved doing the most. When I combined my overwhelming love for animals with my art, I found my true passion - getting to see and draw adorable pets every day!

I provide a wide range of custom pet portrait products to everyone that are either digitally drawn, painted, or sketched by me, but not without the help of some furry friends!


As a fellow pet parent myself, it is so important to me that everyone can have the opportunity to own a portrait of their pet, which is why I try to offer as many options as possible from stickers, prints, bags, and sweatshirts!


As I began focusing on just drawing pet portraits during the start of the pandemic in 2020, I recognise how difficult it can be to afford meaningful luxuries or gifting that important person something special. For that reason, I have a variety of products that include a wide budget range, so hopefully, a larger amount of wonderful people like you can have the chance to own something with their pet’s face on!



Artist & Manager



Post Office Help



Biscuit Connoisseur



Meower Medalist



Treat Tester


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Professional Barker

Meet the team:

give everyone the opportunity to afford a pet portrait

Our Goals

make our packaging and products as eco-friendly as possible

have every customer be satisfied with their drawing before printing

succeed in putting a smile on everyone's face who receives a portrait

One of our strongest passions is towards the environment and keeping our packaging & products as eco-friendly as possible. All of our packaging is either recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable. In cases where we do need to use plastic to protect your order whilst it travels to you (to ensure it doesn’t break - mainly painted pet ornaments) I clean and reuse previous packing/bubble wrap that I have received with materials to make your order, so we never outsource any extra single-use plastic. We make sure to use any scrap paper for notes or packaging stickers to make sure absolutely nothing goes to waste.

From the bottom of my heart (and their paws) I want to thank everyone that has placed an order, big or small, followed me on social media, liked a post, or even commented. Your support will forever mean the world to me, I am able to do something I adore and hopefully make a few people smile thanks to you!

Thank you! - Molly & The Team



Seat Warmer



Guard of the Fish



Small Beans






Big Fluffy

Gone But Not forgotten

The members of our team & family that are sadly no longer with us 

an outline drawing of a paw with angel wings
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