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Become a Skittlesketch Brand Ambassador! 


Skittlesketch is now seeking bubbly, bright, social-media savvy pet brand ambassadors to join our team… 


Interested? Keep reading to learn more!


What is a Skittlesketch Ambassador and What Does it Involve?


A Skittlesketch brand ambassador is someone who represents us and believes in what we do. Someone who wants to join the Skittlesketch journey, is as passionate as we are and who loves our products so much, that they want to tell the world! 


You'll be expected to take photos of the free products you receive from us and post them to your social media accounts, encouraging your followers to share and buy. What’s more, not only will your followers enjoy a 10% discount, you’ll also earn a 5% commission for every purchase your followers make. Currently, there's no required minimum number of monthly posts that we expect you to create. 


Don’t forget, the more creativity and effort you put into sharing Skittlesketch, the more sales you’ll make and the more commission you’ll earn!

What do I need to have to become a Skittlesketch Ambassador? 

Due to popular demand, we are now having to put some limits on who can apply to become one of our Ambassadors!

Don't have these requirements? No worries! You can apply to become one of our models here.

  • A social media account dedicated to mainly posting your pet/pets 

  • A minimum of 1000 followers on a single social media platform 

  • Must be over the age of 18

  • Any previous experience with other brand collaborations is not a must, but it is a bonus!


What Else Do You Get Out of Being a Brand Ambassador?


A humongous welcome pack that includes: 


  • An introduction booklet and ideas on how to make your first Skittlesketch sale.  

  • Personalised Skittlesketch products—yep, this includes our highly sought-after custom pet stickers!

  • Your unique follower's 10% discount code, ready to share. Remember, for every discount code sale you make, you’ll receive a 5% commission! Learn more about this below. 

  • Your exclusive 30% discount code—just for you! Use this for anything you’d like to purchase on Skittlesketch. 

  • Feature on our dedicated brand ambassador website page, social media accounts and receive a mention (with your account link) on our email subscription—each read by thousands of people! 


Commission you earn from any orders containing your follower’s discount code, will be paid to you at the end of each calendar month via PayPal.


If you love Skittlesketch, your pets, and social media, the chances are we’re already a match! 

If you believe you can do it, we believe you can too!


The information you provide below remains completely confidential with Skittlesketch, your application is not shared with anyone else. You'll be contacted by your preferred method if you are chosen to be an Ambassador. 


Ready to get started? Apply today!


Apply to become a Skittlesketch Ambassador 
What pets do you have?
What Social Media Accounts would you use to post on?
Would you be happy with us posting pictures/videos of your pets/Ambassador items on our social media?

Thanks for submitting! I will email you if you have been chosen!

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