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Pet Models Wanted!

Do you have a beloved furry, feathery, or scaly friend who's not just adorable but also uniquely charming? We're thrilled to invite you to participate in our exclusive Pet Model Application! Share your pet's best photos with us, and you might just have a chance to see your furry family member immortalized in a beautiful portrait, for free!

While we can't guarantee that every applicant will be selected, we highly encourage pet owners to submit photos that are well-lit, of excellent quality, and showcase the undeniable cuteness of their furry companions.

What makes this opportunity even more exciting is that we welcome all types of pets - from the most majestic to the most unique. While cats and dogs are beloved staples, we are especially interested in those distinctive, one-of-a-kind pets that make your heart skip a beat. So, whether you have a charismatic chameleon, a charming chinchilla, or an endearing emu, we want to see them all!

What You Need To Know

✨ Free Pet Portrait: Your pet could be the star of a beautiful, professionally crafted portrait, capturing their unique personality and charm. You'll recieve your portrait digitally, you can use this portrait on social media, or to print it yourself. You can also use it when ordering from our 'Re-Buy' items.

✨ Future Product Features: Selected pet portraits will be used as examples for our future products, potentially gracing prints, keychains, and more. This means your pet's photo may be featured alongside their portrait, so by applying you are agreeing to your photo being shared on Skittlesketch's shopping platforms, product pages and social media.

✨ Drawn in Any Moment: Once you have applied below, your pet's photo can be used at any time for any future products. If you would like to withdraw your pet's application at any time you can do so by emailing 

You can make as many applications as you like with different pictures - multiple applications with the same image will be declined and deleted.

Always  looking for:

Pet Portraits

- all pets welcome - cats, dogs, horses, geckos - the lot!

- face, chest up, and full body 

- multiple pets together


urgently looking for:

Pet Paws

- all pets welcome - cats, dogs, horses, geckos - the lot!



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Thanks for registering!

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