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Pet Portrait Paintings & Pencil Drawings

If you're looking for something extra special take a look at my bespoke pet portraits!


Bespoke pet portraits are drawn with either graphite pencil, coloured pencil, or acrylic paint on cartridge paper, canvas paintings are also available and you can find them here.

I require a 30% non-refundable deposit before I start the work which can be booked and paid for below using the form. Once your deposit has been placed I will send over an invoice through my website which you can pay the outstanding amount when you are ready - but the remaining amount is to be paid in full before the shipment of the finished piece.

 See below the form for more information about payment. 

Estimated times vary completely on the size of the portrait, the materials you want to be used, and if it is during a busy time. If you would like to know a better estimated time for the arrival of your portrait before placing your deposit, please contact me! 

See prices below and use the contact form below to place your deposit and save your spot!

Click on the prices to make them bigger!

Painting Prices

Head & Shoulders Portrait Painting

Full Body Portrait Painting

painting prices
graphite pencil prices

Graphite Pencil Prices

Head & Shoulders Portrait 

Full Body Portrait 

Coloured Pencil Prices

Head & Shoulders Portrait 

Full Body Portrait 

coloured pencil prices

the current waiting time (depending on size) is 1-2 months

Contact & payment Form


use this form to place your 30% deposit or pay in full. Once your deposit has been paid I will send over an invoice to your email where you can pay the outstanding amount for your portrait. This payment can be made by using credit & debit cards, Paypal, & Clearpay (Paypal & Clearpay have interest-free installment options too!)
The Portrait must be paid for in full before being shipped - your portrait will not be shipped before payment has been completed. 

any further questions can be asked below or drop me a message on Instagram!

Upload Photo

any extra photos can be sent to my email!


Thanks for submitting! I'll get back to you soon!

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